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(a) All records and specimens containing or accompanied by patient identifying information are confidential.

(b) This information shall not be released by the Yurok Public Health Officer except under the following circumstances:

(1) Release is made of all or part of the medical record with the written consent of the person or persons identified or their guardian;

(2) Release is made to health care personnel providing medical care to the patient;

(3) Release is necessary to protect the public health;

(4) Release is made pursuant to subpoena or court order. Upon request of the person identified in the record, the record shall be reviewed in camera. In the hearing, the judge may, during the taking of testimony concerning such information, exclude from the courtroom all persons except the officers of the court, the parties, and those engaged in the trial of the case;

(5) Release is made to a court or a law enforcement official for the purpose of enforcing communicable disease laws. A law enforcement official who receives the information shall not disclose it further, except:

(A) When necessary to enforce communicable disease laws; or

(B) When a health care provider or facility seeks the assistance of the law enforcement official in preventing or controlling the spread of the disease or condition and expressly authorizes disclosure as necessary for that purpose;

(6) Release is made to another Tribal, federal, state, or local public health agency for the purpose of preventing or controlling the spread of communicable diseases. [Ord. 70 § 4402, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 65 § 4402, adopted, 4/22/2020.]