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Article V. Information Sharing
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(a) The Yurok Public Health Officer is authorized to report to a local health department, State Department of Public Health, and/or the Indian Health Service any information concerning a reportable disease or condition, an unusual cluster, or a suspicious event that they reasonably believe has the potential to be caused by or an indicator of bioterrorism. These may include the following:

(1) A single diagnosed or strongly suspected case of disease caused by an uncommon agent or a potential agent of bioterrorism occurring in a patient with no known risk factors;

(2) A cluster of patients presenting with a similar syndrome that includes unusual disease characteristics or unusually high morbidity or mortality without obvious etiology;

(3) Unexplained increase in a common syndrome above a seasonally expected level; or

(4) Notifying other jurisdictions if excluding individuals.

(b) Sharing of information on reportable conditions, unusual clusters, or suspicious events with state and local public health authorities shall be restricted to the information necessary for the treatment, control, investigation, and prevention of a public health emergency. [Ord. 70 § 4401, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 65 § 4401, adopted, 4/22/2020.]