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(a) The Yurok Public Health Officer shall take the following control measures:

(1) Review each report filed under Article II of this chapter for completeness and accuracy;

(2) Confirm each diagnosis;

(3) Conduct epidemiologic and other investigations required herein;

(4) Facilitate notification of known contacts;

(5) Conduct surveillance, including contact tracing and proper notifications;

(6) Determine trends;

(7) Implement control measures, quarantines, and isolations, as authorized herein;

(8) Disseminate surveillance information to health care officials and providers;

(9) Provide health education to a disease case or contact to reduce the risk of transmission of the respective disease or condition;

(10) Collaborate and share information with Tribal, local, state, and federal public health officers and officials, in accordance with applicable privacy law(s);

(11) Participate in public information dissemination, public broadcasts, and news events; and

(12) Report to Tribal Council.

(b) Control measure orders by the Yurok Public Health Officer must contain the following information:

(1) The specific control measure being ordered and the requirements being imposed, including, if applicable, requirements for isolation, quarantine, contact tracing, physical examinations and medical testing;

(2) The identity of the individual or group of individuals to whom the control measure applies;

(3) The premises or place to which the control measure applies, or to which individuals and/or animals are to be quarantined or isolated;

(4) The date and time at which the control measure requirements begin and end;

(5) The justification for the control measure, including, if known, the disease for which the individuals and/or animals are believed to be cases, suspect cases, or contacts; and

(6) A statement that the control measure requirements shall be in place for no more than 30 calendar days unless extended by the Yurok Tribal Council. [Ord. 70 § 4202, amended, 1/21/2021; Ord. 65 § 4202, adopted, 4/22/2020.]