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(a) A state or Tribal protective/social services worker shall initiate an investigation upon receiving a report of elder or vulnerable adult abuse or neglect. The protective/social services worker shall investigate the report of abuse or neglect within 48 hours, the worker will immediately assess whether or not an emergency situation exists and, if one does, will proceed under YTC 11.05.080. If an emergency situation does not exist then the worker shall prepare a written report within 10 days based upon:

(1) Personal interviews with the abused, the immediate family and caretaker, suspected abuser, employees of agencies (if involved), and any other person who may have pertinent information;

(2) Medical records and other evidence of abuse;

(3) Assessment of the elder or vulnerable adult’s living conditions using Tribal standards for housing; and

(4) Any other observations, assessments, or documents that may aid in completing an accurate and complete report.

(b) The written report shall contain:

(1) The elder or vulnerable person’s name, address or location, and telephone number;

(2) Name, address or location, and telephone number(s) of the person(s) or agency who is suspected of abuse or neglect under this Code;

(3) The condition of the abused;

(4) Names of witnesses and sufficient information to effect the subpoena power of the court over said witnesses;

(5) Name, address or location, and telephone number of reported caretaker(s);

(6) A description of the act(s) which are suspected of being abusive or neglectful; and

(7) Any other information helpful in establishing abuse or neglect. [Ord. 24 § 7, adopted, 2/10/2011.]