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Suspected abuse or neglect of an elder or vulnerable adult shall be reported to the Tribal protective services worker or social services worker by the following persons; said reports by these reporters are mandated and shall be presumed to be made in good faith; any person who in good faith reports suspected abuse or neglect is immune from any recourse under the law if said report is found to be unsubstantiated:

(a) The elder or vulnerable adult’s family or caretaker;

(b) All elected officials of the Tribe;

(c) Any and all Tribal social workers, medical and dental staff, religious/cultural practitioners and/or any other Tribal employees who provide services and/or benefits to Tribal elders and/or vulnerable adults;

(d) Any person or agency, including employees, with fiduciary duties to elders or vulnerable adults; such as attorneys, accountants, property managers, or financial Institutions;

(e) The elder or vulnerable adult abused; and/or

(f) Any other person(s) who have reason to suspect that an elder or vulnerable adult is abused or neglected. [Ord. 24 § 4, adopted, 2/10/2011.]