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As used in this chapter:

“Confidential” shall refer to documents of a personal nature or documents that may be subject to an evidentiary privilege.

“Maintain” includes maintain, collect, use or disseminate.

“Record” means any item, collection, or grouping of information about the Yurok Tribe and/or individual that is maintained by the Yurok Tribal Council, Council support, or any Tribal program, committee, or office.

“Sensitive” shall mean records/documents that are of such a nature that the disclosure of such records/documents would materially jeopardize a Tribal action.

“Tribal entity” shall mean any committee, office, program or project of the Yurok Tribe established by the Yurok Tribal Council. This shall include all chartered organizations except privately chartered profit and nonprofit corporations.

“Tribal member” shall mean any Indian person who is enrolled in the Yurok Tribe. [Ord. 14 § 2, adopted, 8/9/2006.]