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(a) The Executive Office is responsible for oversight of the hiring, promotion, discipline, supervision and discharge of employees in order to carry out the operational work of the Tribe in accordance with Tribal laws, ordinances and policies. To ensure personnel matters are handled fairly across the board, the Council maintains responsibility to renew and approve the policies for the Executive Office and other employees in carrying out personnel matters, and these policies should ensure that both the interests of the Tribe and the employees are protected and that an environment exists where employees can enjoy their work, feel secure in their positions, and make a positive contribution toward the goals of the Tribe.

(b) The Executive Office is responsible for enforcing all approved policies and providing sufficient information to the Council so that the Council can make informed, intelligent decisions concerning Tribal policies.

(c) Elected officials shall have no direct involvement in day-to-day personnel matters except as set forth in the ordinance of the Tribe and shall not become personally involved in employee matters. Elected officials shall leave all personnel matters to the Executive Office and shall only intervene when all other means of resolving personnel issues have failed. An elected official shall not, nor direct staff to, intervene, breach confidentiality, or hinder or taint any pending personnel matters.

(d) The Executive Office shall inform the Tribal Council of any significant changes in personnel. Elected officials shall inform the Executive Office of any issues of concern or other information regarding Tribal staff as appropriate.

(e) Violations. Any alleged violation of this section shall be referred to the Ethics Review Board. [Ord. 72, renumbered, 2/11/2021; Ord. 32 § 6502, adopted, 9/5/2013. Formerly 1.15.370.]