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(a) An elected official shall not employ, appoint, attempt to influence a hiring decision concerning, or otherwise cause to be employed, excluding reimbursement for mileage and per diem, any immediate family member for any position or contract associated with the Tribe or any paid board, committee, commission, or other Tribal governmental position.

(b) An elected official shall respect and comply with Tribal laws and shall at all times act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the honesty and impartiality of the Tribe by resisting any improper influence by immediate family or other personal relationships and avoiding the use of the prestige or resources of the elected or appointed office to advance the private interests of immediate family or other close relationships.

(c) Violations. Any alleged violation of this section shall be referred to the Ethics Review Board. [Ord. 72, renumbered, 2/11/2021; Ord. 32 § 6412, adopted, 9/5/2013. Formerly 1.15.350.]