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(a) Prohibited Actions. Elected officials shall not engage in acts which are illegal, involve an abuse of power, or involve actions and activities that bring discredit or disrespect on the Tribe. These acts may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

(1) Misappropriation or misuse of Tribal funds, property, employees, or agents;

(2) Concealing, removing, altering, mutilating, or destroying Tribal records or documents;

(3) Committing perjury or a fraud;

(4) Intentionally or knowingly providing false information or misrepresenting a Tribal position that causes harm to Tribal members;

(5) Intentionally misrepresenting oneself as acting on behalf of the Tribe without authorization; and

(6) Knowingly misrepresenting the Tribe or a position the Tribe has taken.

(b) Violations. Any elected official in violation of this section shall be subject to censure, as described in the sanctions and penalties provisions of this chapter, and to monetary sanctions of $1,000.00 for a first offense, $2,000.00 for a second offense, and $3,000.00 for a third and subsequent offenses. Alleged violations of this section shall be referred to the Ethics Review Board. [Ord. 72, renumbered, 2/11/2021; Ord. 32 § 6404, adopted, 9/5/2013. Formerly 1.15.270.]