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Elected officials shall:

(a) Use their powers in a manner consistent with the Constitution and applicable Tribal laws, rules, policies, and procedures;

(b) Refrain from using Tribal facilities, resources, or personnel to perform personal business;

(c) Not solicit money, favors, or gifts for their own personal gain;

(d) Not provide, offer, or exercise official influence in exchange for money, valuables, or the promise of employment;

(e) Not use Tribal resources and powers of office to advance personal or political interests. [Ord. 72, renumbered, 2/11/2021; Ord. 32 § 6403, adopted, 9/5/2013. Formerly 1.15.260.]

* Code reviser’s note: Ord. 72 inadvertently omitted portions of previous Sections 1.15.250 and 1.15.260. These sections have been restored as laid out in Ord. 32, as intended by the Tribe, and numbered according to the remainder of this chapter.