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The Vice-Chairperson shall have the following authority and duties, as detailed in Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution:

(a) To preside over meetings of the Council or Tribal voting membership in the absence of the Chairperson;

(b) To act in place of the Chairperson as the spokesperson or representative of the Yurok Tribe upon written delegation by the Chairperson of the Council;

(c) To assume the office and duties of the Chairperson upon the Chairperson’s death, resignation, or removal, or a determination by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum of the Council that the Chairperson has become permanently or indefinitely incapacitated to an extent that prevents the Chairperson from fulfilling the obligations of the office. [Ord. 72, renumbered, 2/11/2021; Ord. 32 § 6302, adopted, 9/5/2013. Formerly 1.15.210.]